The Greenest Home

Plan Sets to build this home are available , call 503 224 5117 leave message

or email at with your questions and order / info

send check for 999 to Design Vision 1722 nw Raleigh St 102 ,Portland , Oregon 97209


2 Responses to “The Greenest Home”

  1. mathew birchard Says:

    I love this! My one issue is bedroom layouts… Do u have a flour plan that shows how the bedrooms would sit? Also, with my family, we need at least 4 br, with plenty of space; is the design adaptable to accommodate those kinds of adjustments?

  2. billbad Says:

    Mathew, the design as-drawn has a two story [dramatic] kitchen, this space over the kitchen can be used instead, to make a bedroom. This would give the as-drawn design 3 bedrooms. It would be easy to add a fourth bedroom by extending the plan further to the rear. This would also add a room on the main floor which you may want! I can make those changes easily and at no additional cost.

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