Change the World – Build a Greenest Home

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We have had the benefits of bountiful land and resources until now. But it is time to pay the piper. Sandy is our wake-up call. Global Warming is here, and every year we will face further disasters. First New Orleans, now New York , next where, Miami/L.A./San Fran.?
We can address our biggest energy/pollution issue immediately by building better houses.
Here is a Design for a compact home that incorporates state-of-the-art design concepts, products and materials.
This home can produce it’s own electric power, capture/filter/store it’s own water, treat it’s bio-waste, and best of all grow a good deal of the food one needs.
If we want to fix our country, and save the air we breathe, we need to build 100,000 of these homes a year, every year.


One Response to “Change the World – Build a Greenest Home”

  1. Sheldon C. Jobe Says:

    Love the concept of this resilient and sustainable house design. What’s the flexibility of the design in terms of usable/finished square footage?

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