Change the World – Build a Greenest Home

December 2, 2012

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We have had the benefits of bountiful land and resources until now. But it is time to pay the piper. Sandy is our wake-up call. Global Warming is here, and every year we will face further disasters. First New Orleans, now New York , next where, Miami/L.A./San Fran.?
We can address our biggest energy/pollution issue immediately by building better houses.
Here is a Design for a compact home that incorporates state-of-the-art design concepts, products and materials.
This home can produce it’s own electric power, capture/filter/store it’s own water, treat it’s bio-waste, and best of all grow a good deal of the food one needs.
If we want to fix our country, and save the air we breathe, we need to build 100,000 of these homes a year, every year.


The Greenest Home Idea

October 21, 2012

main floor layout

October 21, 2012

The Greenest Home

October 13, 2012

With a continuous spine of Solar Panels on the roof paired with a large Roof Garden, this house is fully able to power itself and feed the owners well.

It has big window ‘Grow Bays’ down the right [south] side topped with more Solar Panels.

The Greenest Home

October 7, 2012

Plan Sets to build this home are available , call 503 224 5117 leave message

or email at with your questions and order / info

send check for 999 to Design Vision 1722 nw Raleigh St 102 ,Portland , Oregon 97209

Floor Plans – First Floor

October 7, 2012

On the bottom of the plan you can see the deep planter bay windows. They will give the home-owner lots of room to grow year-around food. They have built-in LED grow-lights powered by the solar panels on the roof. So it will be a 24/7 food factory! Between the two grow bays is a built-in dinette bay window off of the kitchen. Cozy and light-filled. On the far right is the stair -tower and aquaponics pond. It will give a nice peaceful zen view from the back room of the home.

Floor Plans – Second Floor

October 7, 2012

The central area is a space that is a part of the 2 story kitchen below. It has a dramatic bridge across it , leading to the Master Bedroom. If a third bedroom is needed , it could be put in this spot.

Sober Thoughts on our Energy Uses

September 27, 2012

Imagine a street built with the Greenest Homes , picture a nieghborhood of them , a whole town even.

Finished Artwork No.3 of the Greenest Home Models

August 20, 2012

here is the third in a series depicting the Greenest Home Models together. I particularly like the canal in front.

I can imagine a place where you could boat around your place to get groceries and visit friends !

Finished Artwork No.2

August 17, 2012